The „Active Aging“ project in the Chemistry sector has been completed

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The project „Joint actions of the social partners for adapting the working environment to the specific ageing needs of different generations with the aim to promote a longer working life and workability“ is implemented for the second year together with BIA and CITUB under OP “Human Resource Development“.

The Chemistry Sector is one of the 14 economic sectors covered by the project. HR managers and specialists, team leaders, ecologists, Health and Safety at Work specialists, mentors, etc. from five companies took part in it.

Within the framework of the project, a Memorandum of Cooperation and a Sectoral Program in the field of active aging and cooperation between the generations in the workplace were developed. The documents, developed jointly with the NLF "Chemistry and Industry" at CITUB, were presented at a sector meeting held in the middle of the last year.

During 2021 the developed guides and tools were tested –electronic tool for age-related safety and health risk assessment at the workplace, еlectronic tool for assessing the factors in the work environment causing professional exhaustion (burnout), model for description, ergonomics and design (reorganization) of the workplace, in accordance with the needs of age and the promotion of longer working life and ability to work, etc.

The participants in the project took part in "mentoring workshops", "skills workshops" and training for the specific needs and opportunities of people with chronic diseases, for which they were certified.

The final sectoral workshop for the exchange of good practices in the field of "active aging" was held on 16 November. Representatives of the chemical companies, part of the project, of BIA-NCAC, as well as of BCCI attended the workshop.

Agropolychim AD, Solvay Sodi AD and Svilocell EAD shared their good practices.