Structure, mission and vision

The objectives for which the Bulgarian Chamber of Chemical Industry is established are:


  • to represent and protect the interests of its Members in front of governmental, public and international bodies and organizations, observing the principles of independence and non-interference in the activities of Members, business confidentiality and ethics in business relationships;
  • to promote and publish in Bulgaria and abroad Members’ technological and manufacturing capabilities;
  • to assist its Members in their efforts to integrate into the EU and global chemical industry and to increase their share in the international market;
  • to assist its Members to improve their competitiveness and technological level for the occupation of niche markets with new products;
  • to accelerate the process of harmonization with EU technical legislation;
  • to contribute to the internal market by protecting it from non-compiant products, illegal imports and ghost companies;
  • to influence the public opinion in accordance with the interests of its Members;
  • to assist its Members in providing safe and healthy work environment, up-to-date equipment and technologies and environmentally friendly performance;
  • to provide support in improving the work skills and to achieve high levels of professional authority of its Members’ management;
  • to contribute to the building of loyal and ethical business practices in the chemical industry.

    The Chamber activities are managed according to its Statute by:

  • General Assembly comprising all Members and convened each year, which sets policy objectives and adopts the budget;
  • Board of Directors of 7 persons elected by the General Assembly;
  • Supervisory Committee elected by the General Assembly;
  • Chairman, elected by the General Assembly
  • General Secretary


  • Eng. Mihail Kolchev - President,  
    Svilosa AD, Svishtov 
  • Prof. Yoncho Pelovski - Vice-president,  
    Tel. +359 2/8221675;
  • Teodora Borisova 
    Solvay-Sodi AD, Devnya 
    +359/898 777 148;
  • Kalin Borissov
    Lukoil Neftochim Burgas AD
    ++359 889 272 999;
  • Maya Stefanova
    Agropolychim AD, Devnya 
  • Botyo Zaharinov
    Agria AD, Plovdiv  
    +359 2/9320946;
  • Krikor Topakbashian 
    Chimcomplect Engineering AD 
    +359 2/8223460,  







  • Reneta Kopandanova 
    Tel. +359 2/9200573; +359 2/822 1675,


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