Active Aging Project

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The project ‘Joint actions of the social partners for adapting the working environment to the specific ageing needs of different generations with the aim to promote a longer working life and workability’ is funded with BGN 1.7 million by the European Social Fund through OP ‘Human Resources Development’ and will be implemented by BIA, in partnership with CITUB, over the next two years.

The main goals of the project are:

  • overcoming labor shortages and increasing the share of the employed by promoting longer working lives and the ability to work;
  • adaptation of the policies for management of people in the enterprises and of the industrial relations to the changing demographic tendencies and aging of the labor force and creation of preconditions for the development of the so-called ‘Silver economy’;
  • development of a social partnership to provide and maintain a work environment, adapted to the specific age needs of different generations and the need to transfer knowledge and experience between generations in the workplace.

The project will carry out a series of studies, research and analysis, will develop methodological materials, sectoral strategies and policies to promote and support the processes associated with active aging and the implementation of the intergenerational approach.

Among the other planned activities are:

  1. Development, pilot testing and testing of innovative tools and models for analysis and adaptation of the work environment to the specific age needs of different generations of the workforce and the need for transfer of knowledge and experience between generations at work and testing of practical tools, incl. manuals for managers and mentors to adapt jobs and activities to the specific needs and capabilities of people with chronic diseases; description, ergonomics and design (reorganization) of the workplace, in accordance with the needs of age and the promotion of longer working life and ability to work; an age-appropriate e-tool for risk and health assessment at work; e-tool for assessing the factors in the work environment that cause occupational exhaustion (burnout);
  2. Implementation of the practical tools and strategic documents in the practice of the enterprises, incl. through training of managers, human resources specialists and employees' representatives, organization of information desks in the enterprises for information and consulting, adoption of intra-company partnership plans and programs for adaptation of the working environment to the specific needs of different ages of employees;
  3. Developing and signing a National Framework Agreement for the implementation of the Autonomous Framework Agreement of the European Social Partners on Active Aging and the Intergenerational Approach.

More than 300 experts from BIA and its branch and regional employers' associations, CITUB experts, managers and human resources experts will be involved in the implementation of the project.

The project will provide support to 10 economic sectors, 120 companies and 2,000 employees.

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