Webinar "Cyber Security, Trends and Innovations"

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The Bulgarian Chamber of Chemical Industry, together with Diamatics, a company specialized in providing cybersecurity solutions, is organizing a webinar on European regulations and supply chain in the Chemical Industry sector, Cybersecurity, trends and innovations - May 11 at 2 p.m.

Modern technologies have changed the industrial landscape, driving efficiency, sustainability and affordability as the main motives in Industry 4.0. Automation and robotics have led to the merging of manufacturing facilities and infrastructure with information systems. In addition to all the advantages, organizations are also faced with the need to protect their business processes from cyber attacks.

These trends have created the need to address them at the international level through a regulatory framework. The Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2) is a legislative package of EU measures that aims to achieve a higher level of cyber resilience and incident response across the Union, including various industries in its scope - including the chemical industry. As an important part of the global supply chain, the sector will be tasked with implementing regulations through various technologies, processes and policies

Topics to be covered:
● NIS2 basics and framework
● Legal aspects of the Directive
● Incident reporting specifics
● Responsibilities, possible consequences, training
● Risk management measures in cyber security
● Examples and established practices

Who is it aimed at?

All experts involved in cyber security, legal expediency, business continuity - CEO, CFO, IT Manager, Administrative Director.