Webinar on "The Chemical Industry in Bulgaria - Investment Opportunities"

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The Bulgarian Chamber of Chemical Industry participated in a webinar on "The Chemical Industry in Bulgaria - Investment Opportunities", organized and conducted by the InvestBulgaria Agency (IBA) on October 28, 2021.


The following topics were presented during the webinar:

  • Sustainable investment, class A;
  • The investment climate in Bulgaria. The advantages provided by the measures for investment promotion and the state mechanisms for their implementation;
  • Dual education and technical specialties;
  • Why we are in Bulgaria, skilled labor, existing engineering know-how;
  • The already established traditions in this sector.

Prof. Yoncho Pelovski, Vice-president of the Bulgarian Chamber of Chemical Industry, spoke about the established traditions in the chemical industry sector;

Spiros Nomikos, Executive Director of Solvay Sodi AD, told about the advantages of Solvay Sodi AD and why the company operates in Bulgaria.

More than 50 representatives of Bulgarian and foreign investors, local and regional government authorities, small and medium enterprises participated.

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